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Instant Colourful Light Just About Anywhere!

Quick & easy light wherever & whenever you want it

Indoors or outdoors

Practical & Stylish

Bright, on-trend colours

Long-lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs

Virtually unbreakable

Cool to the touch

Requires 3 x AAA batteries


No wiring. No electrician. No hassle.

Indoors & Outdoors

Decorative & Stylish

Bright & Fun

Now you can have light wherever you need it
No wiring, no electrician

The fun, stylish, take-anywhere wireless light bulb

Now you can put light anywhere you need it, instantly.  No wiring, no electrician and no hassleJust pull the cord and Click Bright delivers bright light anywhere.

The battery-powered, energy-saving bright LED bulb will give you safe, bright lighting for 120 hours of continuous use from each set of batteries.

Cool and safe to touch

Even after hours and hours of continuous use, Click Bright stays cool to the touch and never gets hot so it’s perfect for kids’ rooms – they can pick it up move it, hold it to read by, have it under the covers and even take it to the bathroom with them.

Stylish AND practical

The beauty of Click Bright is its simplicity, the retro fun design, the bright colours and the pull-rope operation. Each bulb comes with a strong, lengthy cord (4 foot long) so you can hang it almost anywhere.

It’s practical: You use it to light-up the under-stairs cupboard, the dark shed in the garden or for emergencies during power cuts.

It’s stylish: create stunning light displays, garden features and nightlights.

Indoors or outdoors

The portability and battery-power of Click Bright means you can literally take it anywhere. Safe to use outside, it makes the perfect outdoor party light and a great garden feature.  Remember, Click Bright needs no plugs, cables or sockets.

So Many Uses All Around The House & Garden

Light Up Your Life!

Perfect For Dark Cupboards, Sheds, Attics & Garages

Water Resistant

Use As A Torch For Emergencies

Virtually Indestructible!

We dropped these two bulbs on a concrete floor

Here’s what happened…

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