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Detachable Universal Cell Phone Lanyards


The lanyard’s strong and quick release buckle helps to hold the phone tightly, which lets you free your hands while protecting your phone from accident dropping, and you can also choose a variety of ways to use, crossbody strap or neck strap according to your own preferences.



The Detachable Universal Cell Phone Lanyards can fit almost any fully covered phone cases, very practical and thin pad can support corded and wireless charging without being removed, providing more convenience for you!


No other tools required! Simply pass the pad through charging hole of fully covered phone case, then insert your phone and connect to the lanyard, suitable for most phone cases.


This phone lanyard is made of tear-resistant polyester material, the soft lanyard let the neck feels comfortable. Also designed with rust-proof metal hook to attach your keys, ID badges, thread wallet and other accessories.

Material: Metal + Polyester

Length: 160 cm | 63 in

1 x Detachable Universal Cell Phone Lanyards

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