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Eyelid Lifting Strip

Invisible Natural Touch Up. Drawable Eyelid Strip. 

Completely Invisible. Seamlessly blends with any skin tone for a completely invisible natural look.  

Makeup Friendly. Refined lace design, extremely thin and lightweight. Great for makeup application. DO NOT poke out. 

Instant Lid Lift. Holding extra skin for a firmer, more wide-awake look. Effective fix uneven eye shapes. 

Long-lasting. Water-proof, Swear-proof, Great adhesion. 

Soft on Skin. Made with soft and flexible materials that stick well on skin. Easily applicable. 


Cleanse and dry eyelids

Remove the strip from the film

Slightly wet the strip and apply it on the eyelid crease.


Material: Medical Grade Plastic Lase

Hypoallergenic and latex-free


1 Pack x  120pcs/240pcs Eyelid Lifting Strips

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