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Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner

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Whether you are having a hard time removing the food that fell in between your seats or you are a driver who needs to keep your car clean for passengers.

This Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner is for you! This vacuum gets all of the dirt from everyday messes and outdoor adventures quickly and effortlessly.






Material: Aluminium Alloy + ABS
Running Time: >21 minutes
Technology: Oxidation
Battery Capacity: 11.1V/2000mAh
Color: Black/white
Input Current: DC 5V/3A (MAX)
Absorbing Pressure: 5000PA
Applicable To: in-car/indoors
Charging Input Port: TYPE-C
Output Power: 70W
Accessories: tufting nozzle, long& flat nozzle, and type-C cable



Material: Aluminium Alloy+ABS
Running Time: Ôëł23 minutes
Technology: Oxidation
Battery Capacity: 11.1V/5000mAh
Input Current: DC 5V/2A
Absorbing Pressure: Ôëł5000Pa
Charging Time: Ôëł2.5 hours
Charging Input Port: Micro USB
Size: 198*66mm | 7.8 in x 2.6 in

1 * Host
1 * Brush Connector
1 * Long Nozzle Connector
1 * Extension Hose Auxiliary Connector
1 * Extended Hose
1 * Power Cord
1 * User Manual


The filter must be installed when in use.

That the line heating is normal due to the higher power

When using this product, do not inhale combustible substances, such as burning cigarette butts.

When the wet and dry vacuum cleaner absorbs water and damp objects, pay attention to

This product is a vehicle tool, and it is forbidden for children to use it alone to avoid danger.

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