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Senant Support Handles

Are Your Parents Safe?

Falling in the bathroom can lead to painful injuries for the elderly! As our parents age, their ability to support themselves and balance decreases.

This is why our Senant Support Handle is the easiest way to give your parents the assistance they need

Guaranteed Safety With No Drilling Required

Other conventional bathroom handles are too complicated to install and require drilling, which can damage walls.

Our support handles have specially designed suction cups with lock tabs to ensure the safety equivalent to that of a traditional metal handle. Our handle will last weeks before having to be re-applied again.

Prevent Bathroom Accidents

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure that your loved ones do not slip and hurt themselves!

Sticks to Any Smooth Surface

Grips to any smooth and flat surface such as drywall, tile, marble, acrylic, or glass.

Easy to Use and Reinstall

Unique suction design that easily grips to any smooth and flat surface in seconds. Only re-install once every couple weeks.

Keep Them Safe Today

Get Your Money Back If It Doesn’t Hold

If you purchase our handles and it falls off within 10 minutes of application, contact our customer support team and we will give you your money back! We have this guarantee as we are confident in the quality of our product.

Safety Note

Avoid uneven surfaces or surfaces with small gaps/holes

Always check handle before use to ensure adequate suction

Package Includes

1 pack x 2pcs Senant Support Handles

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