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Shower Foot & Back Scrubber, Massage Pad

As a gift for your loved ones, this Shower Foot & Back Scrubber, Massage Pad will be perfect! 

Are you troubled by not being able to wash your back in the shower? Do pregnant women and the elderly have difficulty in taking a bath?This bath massage pad does the trick!

Do pregnant women and the elderly have difficulty in taking a bath?

This bath massage pad does the trick!

Small Advice:Bath products are recommended for one person per person, healthy and hygienic.

Product Advantages:

❤【A must-have shower accessory in the bathroom of the elderly and pregnant women
This non-slip footbath is very easy to use, especially recommended for those with hip or back problems – use our footbath, no need to bend; perfect for use in the shower or tub.

❤【Firmly Adheres Foot Massage Pads
This foot brush scrubber has 128 strong suction cups on the back to make sure it attaches easily and doesn’t slip while scrubbing. Adhere firmly to shower floors, walls, and bathtubs. With a convenient hook hole,You can hang it up in time after taking a shower and keep it dry.

【Healthy Cleansing, Relaxing Feet】
Promotes circulation and blood flow in the feet, resulting in a feeling of whole-body health and instant relief from tired feet.

❤【Foot Massager Improves Foot Circulation
Foot Massager and Scrub have 104 Shiatsu (36 only). Reach each pressure point and massage to your liking. Foot massage is essential for improving blood circulation in your feet, making you happier and healthier.

❤ 【Shower Foot Scrubber】
Designed with hundreds of scrubbing bristles to deep clean your feet, and remove dead skin, and calluses from your feet. A foot spa massager that relieves fatigue and cleanses dead feet.

Product Specifications:

Product Size

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