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The strap is woven from high-quality nylon, environmentally friendly and resilience is excellent.

Invisible 🧐: Perfect for an everyday outfit, invisible under clothes.

Instant 🏃🏿‍♀️: Cinches your waist 5-7 inches away in a blink.

Comfortable 💆‍♀️ : Made with a Premium quality material which is more durable, breathable for a whole-day wearing.

Decent 💃🏾: Made with waterproof material, no wet spots showing on your tummy area, seamless underdress, 100% invisible!

Size(Body Weight)📐: 3M(Weigh under 145 pounds)、4M(145~195 pounds)、5M(Weigh more than 195 pounds).


 No matter if you have a long torso or a short torso, you can ensure the maximum fit! It only takes a minute to put on~

[Waist Trainer Wrap]

Shapewear can flatten your abdomen, reduce waistline, improve thermal activity and sweat!

[Waist Trainer Wrap]

The body shaper plus size is made of comfortable and breathable elastic material,

 It can be combined with a healthy diet and appropriate exercise to reduce your waist line by 3-5 inches.

[Unique Design]

You can freely adjust the tightness,You can do anything and it won’t come loose

♻The strap is woven from high-quality nylon, environmentally friendly and resilience is excellent. 

With 6 pieces of segmented hook and loop fasteners, you can adjust the tightness according to your needs. 

The product has passed 10,000 elastic tests, and the elasticity is stable and not easy to deform, strong, and durable.


Question:Is this the best belly bands brand? is the quality the best?
Answer: I’m not sure if it is the best brand. But it’s really comfortable, and it supports my midsection so I can fit into my skinny jeans, and it looks great!

By Brandy Dickens on Mar 2, 2021

Question:Would this fit me? I’m about due and currently weight 260…

Answer: No problem at all! I’m 220 pounds but this is really comfortable to use, it adjusts the tightness to the size of your abdomen and it’s very convenient!
By YOSUPGO SELLER  on January 8, 2021

Question:How do I use this? Is this complicated?
Answer: Em…… It’s actually a lot easier than the other corsets. You just wrap it around your stomach and adjust it to a comfortable level. It’s very long, about 3m
By Erin bastian on January 15, 2021

Question:Is this seller reliable? This is my first order.
Answer: Hah, you remind me of the first time I shopped here🤣Received the goods soon and the refund is very quick, I buy here a lot ~

By Jen Adams on January 15, 2021

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