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Do you hate how your kids refuse to brush their teeth? You want them to brush their teeth everyday, but they just don’t.


Upgrade to UBrush and you’ll never have to ask them again. The 360 U-Shape Technology is for you. With it, you can finally have the peace of mind and your kids’ dental health taken care of.


Premium Food-Grade Silicone Material

Lasts 6x times longer than the normal brush 

✅ Featured to wipe and clean the tongue 

✅ Comfortable and Safe

✅ Creative U-Shaped Design

✅ Easy to clean, just rinse and wash the silicon with hot water

✅ Size:
[2-6 YO: 4.7 in x 1.96 in]
[6-12 YO: 4.92 in x 1.96 in]

✅ It is recommended to be changed when the silicon color starts to change

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